Dear Metrophile,

This year at Metropolitan Playhouse, audiences have traveled from a Harlem drawing room to a Lower East Side dive, from an Austrian mountain wedding to an Upper East Side funeral, from a Bowery rooftop dance to a Wild West rodeo—all in a 50 seat theater on the second floor of East 4th Street. The magic of Metropolitan Playhouse is sleight of hand: we pull rabbits (and sometimes buffalo) out of hats. I hope you will continue to help us cast our spells.

Metropolitan’s craft amazes because of its simplicity, which is ever more enchanting and needful in an increasingly complicated world. In a bedlam of digital distractions, we bring stories to close-up, real world life. In a bazaar of commonplace entertainments, we offer a unique and personal experience.  In a world of anonymous likes and shares, we bring audiences and artists together in our intimate home for actual…sharing. In a cacophony of distortions of American virtue, we explore the roots of our country’s values.

But, Metropolitan is not sheltered from the changing environment. Foundation, corporate, and government supporters are checking their generosity.  News outlets are reducing their listings and eliminating reviews. Small theaters across Manhattan have disappeared as costs race ever uphill.

Even so, in our 26th Season, devoted to American plays about resilience, we are committed to growing stronger. Looking to the very personal connection that makes our theater special, we count all the more on our growing family of supporters. Be assured that a contribution of any size will do a great deal keep the magic of Metropolitan alive.

We have also initiated two special funding opportunities this year. Honoring gifted actor and dear friend Kelly King, who passed away following a bicycle accident this fall, his family invites contributions to the Playhouse, which we will dedicate to compensating actors who share his passion.

Kelly as Simeon Gray in Maxwell Anderson's Both Your Houses
photo: © Jacob J. Goldberg Photography

And at our benefit last spring, we inaugurated a program for paid apprenticeships, helping us train young theater artists as they help us pull off greater feats.

Producing Apprentice Mike McDavid
(with n
ew Assistant Producer Tara Bahna-James)
However you care to, I invite you to help keep us conjuring.
hing you the very best of the holidays and the happiest new year,

Alex Roe

Artistic Director

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Madelynn Poulson, SJ Hannah, Al-nisa Petty, and Kim Yancey-Moore in in On Strivers' Row, photo by Ed Forti;
Talia Cuomo and Regina Gibson in Leah, the Forsaken, photo by Tanya Park;
Julie T. Pham in Sex, Drugs, and Tattoos, photo by Alex Roe;

Jay Romero and Michael Hardart in Indians, photo by Caroline de Vries
Deborah Green and
Trevor St. John-Gilbert in The Bowery Waltz, photo by Alex Roe;
Ian Eaton and Erin Beirnard in The Climbers, photo by MaryRose Devine