The American Legacy
Metropolitan Playhouse
The American Legacy

220 East Fourth Street ~ New York, New York 10009
Office: 212 995 8410 ~ Tickets: 212 995 5302

"One of my favorite downtown theaters" ~ Martin Denton,
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Alphabet City II

Avenue A

Marilyn Appleberg - Community Activist

  (portrayed by Latarsha Rose)

Hugh Mackie - Owner Sixth Street Specials
  (portrayed by Alex Roe)

Liesl Schillinger - Writer and Editor
  (portrayed by Elizabeth Krekel)

Hosted by El Extreme

Avenue B

Ed Boros - Garden Sculptor
(portrayed by Bethany Sacks)

Keith Perisi - Former Banker
  (portrayed by Mike Lubik)

Mari-chan - Waitress
  (portrayed by Chinatsu Uehara)

Hosted by Steve Cannon

Avenue C

Lucille Consorti, Owner - Veteran Pipe Covering
  (portrayed by LuLu LoLo)

Hilly Kristal - Founder and Owner, CBGB
  (portrayed by  Karl Williams)

Kat - Filmmaker
  (portrayed by Sandie Luna)

Hosted by El Extreme (8/21);
Emily Fohrman and Shari Austrian of Catholic Big Sisters (8/26)

Avenue D

Ela Troyano - Filmmaker
(portrayed by Tracie Morris)

Dan Godstrey - Firefighter
(portrayed by R. Marisa Petsakos)

Richard Armijo - Artist and Bookseller
(portrayed by D. Zhonzinsky)

Igor Fernandez - Fairy Maker, Eternal Forest
(portrayed by Don Puglisi)

Hosted by Gina Stahlnecker (8/22) and El Extreme (8/27)


* Member, Actors Equity Association