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What is Alphabet City?

Each summer, Metropolitan welcomes the life of the Lower East Side onto our stage with Alphabet City: A Portrait of the Lower East Side. Sending actors into the neighborhood to meet with local residents and workers of their choosing, we ask that they return with stories that capture the life, spirit, and vision of their new "collaborators," which they then present as solo performances. Together, they form theatrical snapshots of some of the diverse people that make up our downtown home.  Told in our neighbors' own words, the performances are a part of Metropolitan’s creative mission to explore and enrich America’s theatrical heritage and discovering our place in world theater.

The first Alphabet City was performed in January 2004. On these pages, you can find the history of the project and information on the wonderful lives that have been apart of it.

Alphabet City I
Alphabet City II
Alphabet City III
Alphabet City IV
Alphabet City V

Carlos Roman **

Peter Loureiro

Father Arthur Wendel

Steve Cannon

Dan Godstrey

Hugh Mackie

Ela Troyano


Igor Fernandez

Marilyn Appleberg

Liesl Schillinger


Keith Perisi **

Lucille Consorti

Hilly Kristal **

Ed Boros **

Richard Armijo

Dennis Giron

David J. Ores, MD

Marlis Momber

Terry Towery

Pastor Diane (Dunne)

Billy Lyles

Irma St. Paule **

Miladys Ramirez

Michelle Grasso

Theresa Byrnes

Bill DiPaola

Tamara Hey

Evelyn Milan

Mary Lee Kortes


Jim Power

Miguel Algarin


De La Vega

Peter Cramer

Joey Pauline/Paulina

Charles Von Herrlich

Raquel Algarin

Tessie DeRosa

Billy the Artist

Luis Lopez
** In Memoriam
 Alphabet City Project is dedicateds to the neighbors, featured in past years, who have since passed away.

We were honored they would grace our stage;
 We are ever inspired by their lives.