Alphabet City III
August 2005

What is Alphabet City ?

Metropolitan's oral history project is an ongoing series of monologues, written and performed by a diverse collection of actors, solo-performers, and local artists, that bring the true stories of the present and past life of the East Village to intimate, surprising, funny, and touching life on the Metropolitan stage.

Once called the Lower East Side, and now divided by realtors and culture vultures into the 'East Village', 'Alphabet City', and the new 'Lower East Side', the neighborhood around Metropolitan is one of the most diverse in the city. Children of first generation Italians and Ukrainians remember when the sidewalk was your front porch and you didn't lock your doors at night. Artists and entrepreneurs remember finding a home and community in the neglected streets of 30 years ago. New transplants find nightlife and opportunities in the bars and restaurants (and theaters!) that have flooded the area in the past 10.

Join us for their stories, together painting a colorful portrait of a rapidly changing, deeply loved New York neighborhood.

Evening A ~
Abraham Sparer as Dennis Giron
Chris Harcum* as Dr. Dave Ores (Doctor)
Todd Lawson* as Marlis Momber (Photographer)
Evening B ~
Deborah Johnstone as Billy Lyles
Tod Mason* as Terry Towery (Photographer and Professor)
Mario Quesada as Pastor Diane (Care Provider)
Evening C ~
Andrea McCullough* as Irma St. Paule (Actress)
Jenne Vath* as Michelle Grasso (Odyssey House)
Lisa Barnes*  as Milady (Sweet Things Bakery)