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Helping Artists and Technicians in Need

Dear Friends:

Theater workers are among the
hard hit New Yorkers suffering
from the suspension of so much of the city's social and economic activity.
Actors, directors, stage managers, designers, stage crew, box office staff, concessions sellers, ushers...
the list of those whose livelihoods depend on open theaters is long, indeed.

Further, many who have committed their lives to theater, and nearly all of those who work at Metropolitan,
hold "survival" jobs in order to make that commitment in the first place.
Theater does not pay so well. 
Many of those jobs--waiting, hosting, bartending, catering, retail shifts--have disappeared, too.

Your assistance helping support these devoted and talented neighbors during this unprecedented period in our industry
will make a very real difference in many lives.

Helping Metropolitan and Metropolitan Artists

Metropolitan Playhouse has always depended on
gifted artists
essentially volunteering their time and talents to do the work they love.
Our donation button now gives contributors the opportunity to donate particularly to support them

Metropolitan Artists Fund
In the spirit of the Federal Theater Project of the WPA,
which kept theater workers busy during the Great Depression,
Metropolitan is accepting donations specifically to offer
to the performers in our Metropolitan Virtual Playhouse series
and to
support clerical and promotional work we have long deferred for lack of funds

Metropolitan's Future
Gifts to maintain the theater itself are also welcome, of course.
We hope to bring our stage back to life when we have all come through this!

There are many ways of supporting theaters, artists, and technicians generally, as well.
Below are resources to guide your generous donations.
(These listings are for informational purposes.
Metropolitan has no connection with and can take no responsibility for
the operations of these organizations.)

The NYC COVID-19 Response & Impact Fund

An extraordinary initiative from the NY Community Trust,
backed by some of the most significant charitable foundations in the country.

Indie Theater Fund Covid19 Emergency Grant

The Indie Theater Fund is offering unrestricted rapid relief grants of up to $500 to indie theater companies and
individual artists in need due to the financial strain of closings, etc. related to COVID-19
Link to application: Emergency Grant Application
More information, e-mail:

The National Artist Relief Fund
Launched with $10 million in gifts from a host of national funding organizations,
the fund is currently scheduled to operate through September, 2020,
and is providing need-based grants of $5,000 to 
artists working in any discipline living in all fifty states, territories, and Tribal Nations, working in any discipline,

 ART-New York Resource Page
The Alliance of Resident Theaters-New York is a venerable and valuable resource
for New York producers of all sizes.
This page lists a great deal of information for theater practitioners and suppoters.

And finally,
  for current information about the virus and disease, visit the Center for Disease Controle website:

Thank you very much.
We hope to see you at the theater!