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By Arthur Kopit

November 17 - December 17, 2017

From 1968, the story of 19th Century European Americans’ settlement of western North America and displacement and confinement of the Native American population, as well as its subsequent mythologizing of that time…and told as a Wild West Show starring none other than Buffalo Bill Cody!  Written as a protesting inquiry into the Vietnam War, Indians resonates anew with today’s confrontations between cultures foreign and domestic.

Seeking actors of ANY Ethnic/National background and gender. In order to illuminate the connections among the events of the play, the cultural questions of the time of the play’s creation (1968), and today’s changing climate, we are specifically seeking a diverse cast of all genders to play the many roles of European, African American, and Native American descent. Particularly interested in auditioning actors of Native American heritage.

Special Skills
Additional Skills sought: Instruments, especially brass, drum, string. Rodeo/Circus. Mime.

Named Roles for casting:

Buffalo Bill Cody – 30’s/40’s, Larger than life showman who grows to realize he has helped betray the very people he thought he celebrated. An extrovert forced to confront his excesses.

Sitting Bull – 40’s, Once powerful, somewhat compromised leader of the Lakota, triumphant in the Battle of the Greasy Grass (Battle of the Little Bighorn), later a performer in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, later still a spiritual leader and so perceived threat to the US government.

John Grass – 30’s, Chief of the Sihasapa band of the Lakota, educated in Carlisle, PA, and negotiator with the US government.  Disciplined, soft spoken peace seeker, martyred for his devotion.

Ned Buntline – 40’s, Blunt, opportunistic newspaper man, ready to take any story to the front page.

Chief Joseph– 70’s, Aged leader of a band of the Nez Perce, a voice of conscience, weary by now of the suffering of an overwhelmed people.

Wild Bill Hickok – 40’s, A tough, self-possessed, clear-eyed straight shooter, who has no illusions about his profits and deficits.

Ol' Time President – 50+, Supercilious and hypocritical figure head

First Lady – 40+, Wife to the Ol Time President

Senators – 30’s – 50’s, Temperaments ranging from sympathetic to patronizing: representatives of an establishment ultimately prosecuting its self interest.

Other roles (20’s – 40’s) include those of various soldiers, reporters, rodeo performers, Native American warriors, and Jesse James, Annie Oakley, Billy the Kid.

Please submit via Actors Access or
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