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The American Legacy

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"One of my favorite downtown theaters" ~ Martin Denton,
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Metropolitan offers opportunities in all areas
of management and production. 

Internships at Metropolitan can be scheduled anywhere from 10 to 40 hours/week.  All interns will work closely with the Producing Artistic Director as well as the various artists engaged in any given production.  Internships can be combined, but the following list is an overview of the main types of responsibilities that keep the theater running.

Some internships are only available during the production season (August through June); others are year 'round opportunities.

Metropolitan cannot offer reimbursement for interns; however, schedules can generally be arranged to accomodate other commitments.  Work-study credit can be arranged with participating educational institutions.

To apply:
Please send an e-mail descriptive of your interest, with a resume attached, to



Assistant to the Producing Artistic Director
(30+ hrs/wk)
The Producing Artistic Director is responsible for all of the company’s operations.  This internship is the most varied, and requires interest in seasonal programming, dramaturgy, artist relations, professional networking, finance, and office management.  The most time-consuming internship, it is also the best opportunity to see how a company works from the inside.

Marketing Associate
Can be combined with Design
(10 – 20 hrs/wk)

Reaching out to new audiences and keeping the world aware of what the theater is presenting is the most important support that can be given to each season.  The Marketing associate, who may also take on design responsibilities, will:
  • Plan and implement Audience Development strategies
  • Design and implement Neighborhood Promotions
  • Research and send targeted announcements of productions to special interest groups
  • Schedule and send E-Mail, Snail Mail, and Web promotions
  • Mailing List
  • Neighborhood Involvement
Design Associate
Can be combined with Marketing
(10+ hrs/wk)
Largely oriented towards the public face of the theater, the graphic design needs range from webpage creation to the appearance of the lobby.  Interns may also contribute to production design elements, such as set, costume, props, and/or lighting.
  • Design of flyers and press releases
  • Web design/content
  • Display and lobby decoration
  •  Promotional product design
  • Special promotions
Development  Associate
(10 - 20 hrs/wk)

Securing financial support is a central part of running a non-profit theater.  The Development Associate will assist the grants coordinator to
  • Write and send regular appeals
  • Track grant schedules/deadlines and coordinate grant support materials
  • Assist in grant writing;
  • Identify new grantor possibilities;
  • Create and cultivate new funding sources, both earned and unearned.


Audience Associate
Outreach and Box Office
(10 – 20 hrs/wk)    
 Keeping in touch wiith our regular patrons is vital to the success of a live theater.  The Audience Associate will work with the Marketing Associate and will actively:
  • Record and manage advance sales (Reservations)
  • Communicate with Subscribers
  • Communicate with Audience Service organizations
  • Staff the Box Office for each performance
  • Help analyze the audience to gain a better understanding of who comes to the theater.
Technical Theater    *2 or more positions available!*
(10+ hrs/wk)

Metropolitan occupies its own theater space, and managing that space is a full time responsibility.  These positions involve both the continued renovation of the theater itself, as well as participation in each production.  Production responsibilities depend on the skills of the associate and the number of interns on board.  Activities include:

  • Theater maintenance and improvement
  • Acquisition, organization, and maintenance of Props, Set, Costumes, Electrics
  • Production Assistance in all areas of technical production, including set construction, lighting hang and strike, costume building, props design and construction
Company Associate
Casting and Volunteers
(10+ hrs/wk)
Each production requires close contact among the artists and the producers, as well as everyone supporting the production.  The company manager oversees the coordination of all the different parties.  A project manager for a real hydra of a project, the Company Associate will help
  • Organize Casting
  • Communicate with the Acting Company
  • Coordinate Volunteers for all events, from mailings to box office to parties to strike
  • Oversee the production schedule so that all participants are on track