The American Legacy
Metropolitan Playhouse
The American Legacy
220 East Fourth Street  ~  New York, New York   10009
Administration: (212) 995 8410  ~  Tickets: (212) 995 5302
"One of my favorite downtown theaters" ~ Martin Denton,
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Theater Review Sites: is a free information service dedicated to the New York City theatre scene.

Other Artistic Sites:
Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas:
The most up-to-date way of conversing with dramaturgs, theatre artists and
administrators, our colleagues in other art forms, government officials, educators
and ethnologists, historians, and many others.

New York Public Radio:
WNYC 93.9 FM and AM 820 are New York's flagship public radio stations,
broadcasting the finest programs from National Public Radio and Public Radio
International, as well as a wide range of award-winning local programming.

Al Doblar La Esquina  Around The Block:
We believe that arts, technology, and the health of urban communities are
strongly interdependent.  Our programs – workgroups, classes, exhibits and theatrical
performances – are based on community participation.

A.R.T./New York:
Homepage for the Alliance of Resident Theatres New York and official website
of off broadway.
Artistic Funders:
New York State Council of the Arts:
The New York State Co uncil on the Arts is dedicated to preserving and expanding the
rich and diverse cultural resources that are and will become the heritage of New York's citizens.

Food Around the Neigborhood
Pinisi Bakery

Angelina's Cafe

Local Historic Sites
Merchant House
The Merchant's House Museum is New York City's only family home preserved intact
inside and out — from the 19th century.
29 East Fourth Street

Lower East Side Tenemant Museum
The Tenement’s landmark tenement building at 97 Orchard Street is an immigrant portal
for almost two centuries, it was home to an estimated 7,000 people from more than
20 nations between 1863 and 1935.

CBGB's History
Hilly Kristal, owner and founder of CBGB, writes a brief history of the club that
for the past twenty seven years has become synonymous with underground music.

NY Food Museum
An online musuem about the history and culture of New York Food.
Great site for local history and walking tours of the East Village 

East Village Comunity Coalition - Get Local
Support your neighbors! Visit the Get Local! Guide to East Village Shops

Gotham Center
The Gotham Center website gives access to New York City's rich history with
forums, directories, calenders and many other resources.

Patell and Waterman's History of New York
Excellent blog (with an accompanying book upcoming in 2009) that looks at the city's past
and present.  The site also has a number of useful links for NYC culture enthusiasts.

American History Sites

New York Web Directories:
New York Travel Guide