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Metropolitan Playhouse
The American Legacy

220 East Fourth Street ~ New York, New York 10009
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East Village
Theater Festival

August 3-23

Metropolitan Playhouse combines two of our most popular annual attractions with readings, installations, and events with local artists into one festival celebrating the life and lore of the East Village.


EVC - B - Day Old Bread by Chad Beckim - Laurence Cantor and Alfred Gingold
Laurence Cantor and Alfred Gingold in
Day Old Bread by Robert Anthony.

Photo by Alex Roe


Artist Receptions
Monday 8/3 at 7pm
Annie Bandez aka Little Annie

Monday  8/17 at 7 pm
James Romberger
Special Monday Events:
8/10 at 8 pm
Tales from Beautiful Pearl's, by Judy Chicurel

8/17 at 8 pm
Discussion Panel: The Changing East Village, featuring
  Council Member Rosie Mendez, District 2
  Erric Ferrara, Founder of the East Village History Project
  Steve Zeitlin, Founder of City Lore
  Marguerite van Cook, Executive Director, Howl! Festival
The East Village Chronicles,
Vol. 6
Alphabet City VI
Directed Derek Jamison
Evening A
Directed by Laura Livingston

Tha Bess Shit
by Chad Beckim
A part-time New Yorker prepares to leave this part of her life behind, but her Loisaida boyfriend takes one last chance to show her the real heart of his city.


by Pam Dickler
On his way to a Norfolk Street synagogue to fulfill one of his father’s last wishes, Ben learns from modern residents that the more things change in the Village, the more its spirit survives.

Getting By:
The First Five Days

by George Holets
Thirty years after he left for a "real" career, Luka is back in town to be a writer. But in the new East Village, how does an old man fit between bars and baristas?

The East Fourth Street Years

by Morna Murphy Martell

Defying their religious traditions, Howie and Mary moved to the East Village with only their love and their dreams. On their way to success, they learn there is more to the theater than Broadway and more to religion than restraints.

Evening B
Directed by Jackob G. Hofmann

Day Old Bread 
by Robert Anthony
Old Maxie is content to wait out his remaining years on a park bench, throwing crumbs for birds long gone. Buzz, his longtime friend, is hardly so complacent.

The Alamo
by Michael Bettencourt 
A Tisch student on assignment to photograph "street life" crosses swords with mouthy panhandler with her own syllabus for life on the street.

Tower of Toys
by Jackob G. Hofmann
A couple in the 6th Street and Avenue B Community Garden finds the future of their relationship in Eddie's Tower of Toys.

by Diane Spodarek

Roberta was a rock star, Sara raised her daughter. Thirty years later, the two estranged friends seek common cause in their troubled granddaughter.

Avenue A

Keri Setaro* as burlesque star Peekaboo Pointe

Teresa Kelsey* as bartender Joan Ryan , Joe's Bar

Danielle Quisenberry* as Victor Green: porter, charmer, and a married man

Avenue B

Abraham Sparrow as former undercover narcotics officer  Jerry Speziale

Jared Houseman as Jack of Some Trades Matthew Bertolini

Lisa Barnes* as recent emigrée Lyudmila

Starring : Elizabeth Bove*, Laurence Cantor, Scott Casper*, Alfred Gingold*, Sarah Hankins*, Elka Rodriguez*, Alejandro Rodriguez, Ethan Sher* Jacqueline van Biene*, and Jamee Vance*.

* Denotes members of Actors Equity Association.
East Village Chronicles, Vol. 6 and Alphabet City VI are AEA approved showcases