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22nd Season ~ Justice
Metropolitan is the Obie Award winning theater
"helping us see, theatrically, where we’ve been and where we are."

We devote the 22nd Mainstage Season to plays about pursuing, defining, receiving, and escaping Justice.

4 Plays ~ 2 Festivals ~ Concerts and Special Events

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~ Fall 2013 ~

A Man's World
by Rachel Crothers

September 14 - October 13

Frank Ware is living on her own terms in 1910 Greenwich Village and thriving. A rising novelist documenting New York's underclass, breaking the stereotypes of women writers, she is the well-loved center of a vibrant crew of striving artists, and the loving foster mother to an orphaned boy.
But her independence and generosity cannot protect her from jealous gossip, nor from the doubts of a man she loves. When questions of her adopted son's parentage take over her closest relationships, Frank is forced to test her ideals against the harsh realities of the world she always risen above.

by Mrs. Sidney Bateman
November 15 - December 15

Between his wife and his spendthrift step-son Charles, Mr. Apex is soon to be bankrupt. Fear of public censure leaving him nowhere else, he turns to his daughter (from a prior union) Mary, who has frugally husbanded her mother's legacy. But unknown to either, Charles has forged a check in Mary's name, leaving her and her father both in desperation.
Accusations fly; betrayals appear to abound; and hopes for justice lie in the hands of an unlikely pair: a ruthlessly practical businessman and a big-hearted nanny.
Will any of them see beyond their primary self? 

One Woman's War
December 2 & 3, 2013

(Pass holders receive 20% off admission to this event.)

Renowned storyteller Michele LaRue, who last visited Metropolitan with her  reading of  "The Bedquilt" by Dorothy Canfield Fisher in the 2010 Living Literature Festival, returns to present  three stories from Elsie Singmaster’s classic Gettysburg
  “July the First”: War comes to Gettysburg—where are the armies?
  “The Battleground”: Lincoln comes to Gettysburg—where will it end?
  “Mary Bowman”: Sightseers come to Gettysburg—where has it led?
Singmaster’s 1913 short story collection vividly explores the physical and emotional terrain of a Civil War icon.
With townswoman Mary Bowman, live the war and its legacy—from the cannons’ first roar to its echoes a half century on.

~ January 2014 ~

The Annual Living Literature Festival
The Gilded Festival

January 13 - January 26

(Pass holders receive 20% off  admission to these events.) 
28 performances over two weeks of new plays by various artists and companies, all inspired by the writings, causes, and lives that defined The Gilded Age.  Edith Wharton, Henry James, Theodore Dreiser, Andrew Carnegie

~ Spring 2014 ~

The Hero
Gilbert Emery
March 1 - March 30

Andy Lane is an upstanding, if uninteresting, guy who never flew high and never asked more than his due.  His brother Oswald was a different story, who left home at sixteen with a fistful of bills (and without his pregnant girlfriend) and never looked back.
After the Great War, Os re-appears: a hero. A wounded veteran of the French Foreign Legion, with an easy charm and a romantic story, he appears to be everything to which Andy's mother, wife, son, and adopted ward--indeed, everything the entire town aspire.
But appearances often deceive.
A poignant play about the nature of sacrifice in battlefields both big and small.

5th Annual
East Village Theater Festival

East Side Stories
April 14 - May 4

(Pass holders receive 20% off  admission to these events.) 
4 evenings of ALL NEW one-act plays inspired by the life and lore of the Lower East Side.
Movers - 3 portraits of neighbors
- 3 portraits of neighbors
Outsiders - 3 plays about living on the edge
Ghosts - 3 plays reckoning with the past with an eye to the future

Within the Law
by Bayard Veiller

May 31 - June 29
The tale of a good girl done wrong...and out for revenge.
Mary Turner is suspected of theft from the department store where she works as a shopgirl.  Sent up the river for three years, she comes out bent on getting her comeuppance, and she discovers ingenious means of doing so while always staying within the law. Can a life of legitimate crime pay?  Certainly not without complications: logistical, ethical, and romantical.
A twisting and turning melodrama with a light-fingered social conscience from the Progressive age.

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Schedule subject to change. Metropolitan reserves the right to substitute alternate productions and to change performance dates as needed for any scheduled programs.

Now in its Twenty Second Season, Metropolitan Playhouse is devoted to the exploring and enriching America's theatrical legacy and the discovery of that tradition's place in world theater. Metropolitan focuses on three types of production: forgotten American masterpieces like past seasons'
The Detour, Both Your Houses, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Metamora, The City, Fashion, Sun-Up, The Faith Healer, The Woman, The Easiest Way, Whatever Happened to Jones, One Third of a Nation, and The Streets of New York; new plays based on America's history and literature, such as the East Village Chronicles, Salem, The O. Henry Conspiracy, Washington Irving's Sketchbook, and History Lessons; and works from around the world that put these American works in context, such as Arden of Faversham, Bacchus, Oedipus Rex and Dom Juan.