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East Village
Theater Festival

June 11~ July 1, 2012

ShowBusinessWkly"Enchanting....not just a night at the theater; it is an experience in a very cool village, in a very cool city."
- Show Business Weekly

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The Local

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East Village
                  Chronicles, Vol. 8
8 new plays inspired by the life and history of the
East Village.

2 evenings of short plays: EVC A and EVC B

Aphabet City
6 new solo performances celebrating the lives of East Village residents. Based on interviews with our neighbors, and told entirely in their own words.

2 evenings of 3 monologues each:
AC A and AC B

Evening A
Directed by
Laura Livingston
Evening B
Directed by
Ben Gougeon
Avenues A & B
Directed by
Yvonne Opffer Conybeare
Game, Set, Match
by Andy Bragen

Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts
by Laura Livingston

by Anthony P. Pennino

How Cool  is That
by J.P. Porter

The Moment

by Lavinia Roberts

The Fever Dream of Captain America
by Michael Bettencourt

Willow Grove
by Isidore Elias

Russian Tea
by Matthew Kelly
Avenue A - AC A
Yeauxlanda Kay*
as Beverly Weinstein

A resident who grew up in a tenement house on the lower east side to a single mom with four siblings. during World War II.

Danielle Quisenberry*
as Jackie Diamond
aka/Coca Crystal
host of
If I Can't Dance, You Can Keep Your Revolution

Jared Houseman
as Jeffrey Ruhalter
A fourth generation butcher from a family of butchers, whose Jeffrey's Meat Market was one of the original tenants of the Essex Market
Avenue B - AC B
Michael Durkin*
Howard B
Executive Director of Sixth Street Community Center

Cate Weinberg
as Richie Baxt
Guitar Doctor, living and fixing guitars on the Lower East Side for over 30 years.

Abraham Sparrow
as Camilo Friedman-Guevara
Insomniac, narcissist, facing catharsis
Age-19. All else to be determined.
Mark August*
Michael Durkin*

Jonathan Hicks*
Laura Livingston*
Kevin Melendez*
Bones Rodriguez
Abby Royle*
Jennifer Teska*

Sara Antkowiak*
John Blaylock*
Paul Bomba*
Jerry Goralnick*
James Luse
Ev Roufeh
Chris Ryan
Keola Simpson
Montgomery Sutton*

* Members of Actors Equity Association
The East Village Chronicles, Vol. 8 and Alphabet City VIII are AEA approved showcases


Program A - EVC A
Directed by Laura Livingston

Click here for some context for the plays of Evening A

Game, Set, Match, by Andy Bragen

A downtown tennis player vies with inner opponents as he dispatches real ones...but can he ace the Apocalypse?

Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts, by Laura Livingston

Under the guiding spirit of Stephen Foster, a rock musician and a filmmaker try to steer to a big break, in a downtown music scene no more forgiving now than in Foster’s 1800’s.

Posers, by Anthony P. Pennino

At CBGB’s in the 1980’s, hearing an authentic voice in the din of rebel chic takes a sharp ear, an open heart, and a leap of faith across the bridge and tunnel divide.

How Cool is That, by J.P. Porter

One young man’s handshake with the Beat generation reveals the deepest pleasures of life in the East Village.

The Moment, by Lavinia Roberts

A man of the streets captures the life of the city in a yearning, inspiring, and heart-thumping ode to the pavement.

Program B - EVC B
Directed by Ben Gougeon

Click here for some context for the plays of Evening B

Russian Tea, by Matthew Kelly

Russia is on the verge of revolution in the early 1900’s, but three émigrés in America are just trying to survive in a Lower East Side shadow economy. Confronted by John S. Sumner—real life captain of the New York Society for the Suppression of Vice—these resourceful refugees from the old world have an uncomfortable lesson to teach the virtuous young idealist in the new.

Willow Grove, by Isidore Elias

In 1976, Orchard Street is changing. At the heart of a long-living community is a long-lived dress shop, being put out of business by department stores and a transforming world. Can two business friends and rivals learn the new rules fast enough to hold on to the life they shared?

The Fever Dream of Captain America, by Michael Bettencourt

A mosque frequented by taxi-cab drivers on the Lower East Side is the latest threat to American ideals, and an FBI agent with an Egyptian background tries to turn a Bengali-born cabby into an informant. It's "Muslims Muslims everywhere" -- and barely time to round them all up.