The American
              Legacy Metropolitan Playhouse
The American Legacy

220 East Fourth Street  ~  New York, New York   10009
Administration: (212) 995 8410  ~  Tickets: (212) 995 5302
"One of my favorite downtown theaters" ~ Martin Denton,
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Producing Artistic Director

Alex Roe

Assistant Producer

Tara Bahna-James

Associate Director

Michael Hardart

Producing Apprentice

Michael McDavid

Music and Dance Coordinator

Rachael Kosch

Resident Costumer

Sidney Fortner

Howie Seligman

Board of Directors:

Margaret R. Beels

Peter H. Judd

Allison Kyle Leopold

Alex Roe

Board of Advisors:

Marvin Carlson

David L. Carson

Leonard Jacobs

Trav. S. D.

Josselyn Simpson

Wilson White