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Again with the
East Side Stories
4 evenings of NEW plays about the life and lore of the Lower East Side

April 11 - May 1, 2016
The Lower East Side as it was and like it is

"Great theater.... Storytelling at its best"
- Karl Williams, Hi Drama
Read all about it:

Regarding LAST year's festival:
Theater Pizzazz
"Metropolitan Playhouse does this kind of theater better....
a fine place for giving focus to big problems and small victories."

"The face of the East Village – with all its grit, darkness, ferocity, and yes – life-saving beauty."

East Side Stories

3 solo performances
based on the lives of

Directed by Mahayana Landowne
Stage Manager: Lyndsey Barratt

Jesse Hawkes*, Laurabeth Breya*, and Anthony Wills, Jr.*
photos by Stephen Leong

The Cockeyed Pessimist

Jesse Hawkes* as Robert Hieger

Actor, Director, Writer, Musician (Living Theatre, DADA NY);
Masters candidate; aspiring Web & Mobile Developer/Designer

Laurabeth Breya* as Athos Cakiades

Writer - Actor- Comedian

It’s Good to be Alive
Anthony Wills, Jr.* as Ahmed El-Motassem

Recording Artist

3 solo-performances
based on the lives of

Directed by Mahayana Landowne
Stage Manager: Heather Olmstead*

Teresa Kelsey* and Andrew Bryce*
photo by Alex Roe


Andrew Bryce* as A Pastor

Spiritual Leader in the East Village

The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Alex Roe as Hugh Mackie
Owner, Sixth Street Specials, Classic British Cycle Repair

A New Design
Teresa Kelsey* as Hanya Krill

Marketing and Public Programs Coordinator, Ukrainian Museum

4 short plays about coming together

Ellen Warner*, Olivia Killingsworth*, Regina Gibson*
Kathryn Neville Browne*, Olivia Killingsworth*,
Regina Gibson*, Max Hunter*
Seth McNeill*, Michael Twaine*, Max Hunter*
photos: Alex Roe

Like Home

by John Shea
Home is where the heart is, but when the troubles of the outside world begin to
invade, can the heart survive? A story of hope and survival, immigration and
class, as relevant today as it was during the Draft Riots of 1863.

A Roof Over Every Head
by Kathy Coudle-King
Four trail-blazing women—three Old World immigrants and
a New England crusader—find strength in the tenements and sweat shops of 1900.

Orchard Street - Revisited
by Alan Stolzer
In a synagogue up for sale, a confrontation reveals time past to be
less dormant than one might think.

by Reese Thompson
After a volatile confrontation over the buildings recycling protocol, Kenneth discovers his neighbor Maud has a heart-wrenching decision to make.

Directed by
Patricia Lynn
Stage Manager: 
Heather Olmstead*
Kathryn Neville Browne*
Regina Gibson*
Ryan Halsaver*
Alice Rothman Hicks*
Max Hunter*
Olivia Killingsworth*
Seth McNeill*
Michael Twaine*
Ellen Warner *
4 short plays about breaking away

John Maddaloni*, Andrew DiTusa*
Eric Emil Oleson*, Frank Anderson*, Jack Sochet*
photos: Stephen Leong

And Here's...Boris!

by Nina Howes
Before Stella Adler, Sophie Tucker, Jerry Lewis; before Yiddish Theater rivaled
Broadway; Boris Thomashefsky, a teenager on New York's lower East side,
dreamed of singing music from his country, in his language - Yiddish.
No matter who objected.

The Fall of Boss Tweed
by Steve Kalvar
Are friendship and popularity the same thing? Boss Tweed, the king of Tammany
Hall graft, thought so, until the election evening he learned he was terribly wrong.

by David Vazdauskas
Summer, 1978. Young runaways and rebels find freedom in the abandoned
buildings of the Lower East Side, and find a savior in the father-like punk music
club manager whose purpose is to keep dreams alive.

by Sergio Castillo
What happens when American Fascism has become the law of the land? Reform?
Or revolt?

Directed by
Alexander Harrington
Stage Manager:
Lyndsey Barratt
Frank Anderson*
Kelly Dean Cooper*
Randy Cordero
Andrew DiTusa*
Garth Kravits*
John Maddaloni*
Amanda Lea Mason*
Kelly McCready*
Kyle Minshew*
Eric Emil Oleson*
Jack Sochet*
*Actors appear courtesy of Actors Equity Association
These programs are part of East Village Chronicles, Vol. 12, and Alphabet City XII, are Equity Approved Showcases