The American Legacy
Metropolitan Playhouse
The American Legacy

220 East Fourth Street ~ New York, New York 10009
Office: 212 995 8410 ~ Tickets: 212 995 5302

"One of my favorite downtown theaters" ~ Martin Denton,
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Thirteenth Season

Christopher Moore
Christopher Moore
Photo by Sara Forest

Herman Melville's Moby-Dick
adapted by Christopher Moore
Directed by Alex Roe


Mike Durkin and Jenni Tooley
Photo by Rachel Lipsitz

Missouri Legend
by E.B. Ginty
Directed by Yvonne Conybeare


Melanie Rey and Sidney Fortner
Photo by Cindy Ord

Children's Crusader
by Anthony P. Pennino
Directed by Alex Roe


Matthew Trumbull and Lian Marie Holmes
Photo by Mary Blanco

by  John Augustus Stone
Directed by Alex Roe


Susannah Mackintosh and Alex Roe
Photo by Cindy Ord

The Devil's Disciple
by George Bernard Shaw
Directed by Yvonne Opffer Conybeare


Alphabet City II
More Monologues from the neighborhood

Unchartered Journey - Marilyn Appleberg by Latarsha Rose
The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance - Hugh Mackie by Alex Roe
charmed life of a newyorker - Liesl Schillinger by Elizabeth Krekel
The World According to Ed - Ed Boros by Bethany Sachs
P.I.N.S. and Needles - Keith Perisi by Mike Lubik
Ex-Queen of the Night from Japan - Mari-chan by Chinatsu Uehara
Lucille Consorti: A Woman in Construction - by Lulu Lolo
Getting A Little Hilly - Hilly Kristal by Karl Williams
Editing Me - Kat by Sandie Luna
Ela Troyano: Jack Smith/Alphabet City/Loisaida - by Tracie Morris
Ladder 9 - Dan Godstrey by R. Marisa Petsakos
Memories of Cholo - Richard Armijo by D. Zhonzinsky
What's Up With The Fairies? - Igor Fernandez by Don Puglisi

East Village Chronicles Vol. 2

The First Generation--Newcomers
Commedia della Poca Italia  by Anthony P. Pennino
Floating Home  by Adrian Rodriguez
Ukrainian Blues  by Saviana Stanescu
The Irish Melodrama  by Trav S. D.

Generation Next--The Followers
East Village Kaddish  by Anthony P. Pennino,
Beat  by Renée Flemings
Bicycle Wreck  by Qui Nguyen
The Pigeon Tree  by Gino DiIorio